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CKA BF4 Platoon  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sun Mar 02 (199 reads)
If you're active in BF4 please join the CKA Platoon
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Poll: !! Rust Server Wipe Vote !!  [Game News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Fri Feb 21 (296 reads)
Seams we are at that time again where the server is lagging due to all the buildings and stuff going up. I have been watching the stats and seams memory usage for this server is maxed out again.

I was planning a full on RAID like we did last time before the actual wipe so we can expend all our ammo and nades.

If we get the majority vote I will do it tonight. So lets all meet up tonight and if majority vote is for yes then we wipe!
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Battlefield 4 Second Assault arrives February 18  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Fri Feb 14 (227 reads)

So I guess lots of us will start playing some BF4 again next week!
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Second Assault  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Fri Feb 14 (68 reads)
Not sure how much I care right now but,in case anyone else does:
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Rust Server  [Game News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Thu Jan 23 (5953 reads)

Remember this game is still in Alpha so there will be server outages and problems are to be expected until a stable release.


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BF4 China Rising Maps!  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Wed Nov 27 (126 reads)
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Canadian Battlefield 4 Server  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Mon Oct 28 (10408 reads)
Our BF4 server is setup and ready, add it to your favourites.
48 players slots
2 commanders slots
6 spectator slots

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Star Citizen Forum  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sun Oct 27 (1099 reads)
I create a dedicated forum for all Star Citizen related topics.
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BF4 Preload now available  [Game News]
Posted by Zed on Sat Oct 26 (110 reads)
About 24GB, install now!
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Come and play ArmA 3  [Clan News]
Posted by GrizzlyBearDoug on Sun Sep 29 (157 reads)
So Pyra and I decided to purchase an ArmA 3 server, Arma 3 server IP:, and we're having quite a bit of fun. I understand ArmA 3 isn't for everyone but for those who may be interested in it and want to learn, right now we have a hand full of players currently active with the game itself. Jump on sometime and ask any questions I'm sure Pyra and I have no problems with assisting anyone. Here's a 6 min clip of some of our shenanigans from the past couple of weeks. I was iffy about committing to the game but once I actually took the time to learn the basics and just patiently wait for my interest to grow, I simply couldn't get enough.

[youtube width=400 height=350:3c5b32ebd9][/youtube:3c5b32ebd9]
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