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BF2 1.4 Patch and BF2Pro 1.42 update approved  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sat Sep 09 (308 reads)
The Battlefield 2 1.4 patch has been approved by CAL, and it is now the default version of BF2 to be used in matches. The rest of the season will be played on BF2 1.4 unless both teams in a match agree otherwise.

In addition, an update to BF2Pro has been approved by CAL and will also be the default version in matches. BF2Pro 1.42 addresses a number of minor complaints and issues with the previous version of BF2Pro and BF2 1.4, as well as a bug that broke BF2CC functionality.

So everyone goto the CAL site and download the new BF2Pro!
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CKA POE2 Server  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sat Aug 26 (241 reads)
=CKA= members and guests, we are happy to invite you to our POE2 server that is ready for the POE2 release. *caugh* Actualy its ready friday night and people are already playing from the password leak.


Download the POE2 mod here, it ROCKS!
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Reserve Your BF2142 Name  [Game News]
Posted by Cactuar-King on Thu Aug 24 (414 reads)
The BF2 Veterans program is now live, and allows you to sign up to claim your name, rank up, and the all important "verbal taunt" that you will be able to use in BF2142 when it is released.
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Clan News  [Website News]
Posted by Canadaka on Tue Aug 22 (76 reads)
I have tried to keep the clan site fairly simple, a lot of clan sites are hidiously ugly and full of useless crap. Our frontpage has always been pretty static, but i think its time we added a news section.

And it won't be like other clans news, where there is an update every couple or so. Our news system is intigrated into the forums so its super easy and fast for =CKA=Command to make a forum topic into a news post.

This also has the advantage of using the forums for commenting on news items, rather than a seperate system.
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