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Posted by Canadaka on Mon Apr 06

[youtube width=640 height=400:5e96d12b47]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEBqUSWqyR4[/youtube:5e96d12b47]


"Squad is a 100-player military shooter from a melting pot of people who worked on Project Reality, a popular Battlefield 2 mod that made the game significantly more realistic. Without getting too long-winded about it, I will say Project Reality is the most fun I've ever had lying in a ditch wetting myself at the prospect of an artillery barrage for 45 minutes. It requires hella tactical planning and isn't always fast-paced, but it's provided me with some experiences no other game has. Think a midpoint between Battlefield's sometimes over-the-top ridiculousness and Arma's "sir, yes sir!" devotion to even the creaky dregs, the ugliest latrines of the battlefield, and you're on the right track.

So Squad. It's Project Reality, but a) standalone, b) developed from the ground up as its own thing, and c) really dang pretty. Here's what the dev team is going for:"

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