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The "Canada Kicks Ass Clan" was started by Canadaka at the suggestion of some members from the main CKA website The clan started with a few members from that site, some personal friends of Canadaka and a bunch of hardnosed Canucks Canadaka recruited with some forum posts on BF2 forums. Since the beginning the clan has been 100% Canadian membership and this is a point we maintain till today. CKA is also the largest all Canadian gaming clan that I know of.

The clan grew fast from its exposure on and the its draw with patriotic Canadian Battlefield players. Originaly the clan was a BF2 only clan, but as the clan membership grew and new games came out, the clan developed into a multi-gaming clan. CKA has also always been a casual gaming clan, where any Canadian gamer can join and play with fellow Canucks. If members were interested in competitive gameplay they could participate, but it has never been a requirment. And although CKA has participated in many games and will continue to try new games, the Battlefield series has remained the main focus.

Recently CKA has made moves to broaden its scope into a Canadian gaming community, while maintaing a "Clan" component. The community is composed of 3 sections, public, clan members and competitive.  The public section of the clan is a place for newcomers and veteran members alike to shoot-the-shit on the CKA Gaming forums or play some public gaming. Any Canadian gamer is welcome to join the forums, even people belonging to other clans. Clan Members are members of the "CKA Clan" and have access to the private clan forums. These members usualy participates in one of the clans main games, but maybe only casualy. Competitive members are the core of the clan, they make up the active roster for competiting in match play. In order to be eligible to participate with the competitive team members, players need to demonstrate a high level of participation, dedication and general skill.

The CKA Clan has gone through some slow periods as interest in games change and drops, but with a dedicated group of members we have always surpased any challenges. I am confident the Clan can and will meet future challenges, and will continue growing while maintaing its status as the best damn Canadian gaming clan!

I want to give a HUGE thanks to those clan members past and present who have contributed to the well-being and management of the clan, I couldn't and wouldn't have done it alone! I have always said, this is not "my" clan its our clan. I have been impressed over the years with the dedication and hardwork some people have given to the clan and I look forward to the future of =CKA=.




  • Clan founded during Beta of BF2 in spring 2005
  • Started competing in BF2 on the NATO league. Started our own Ranked server.
  • Fall 2005 started competing in CAL leagues. We have played in the 5vs5, 8vs8 and 12vs12 over the years.
  • January 2006 we participated in the BF2 World Tournement.
  • January 2006 we got our dedicated server with Hypernia
  • 2006 We moved our focus from the dying NATO to TWL. During 2006 we became very active with TWL, competing in 5+ ladders & leagues.
  • In 2006 CKA had a brief America's Army division
  • Also during 2006 we competed in TWL Call of Duty 2
  • 3vs3 and 4vs4 ladders.
  • Track Mania Nations also became a popular clan pastime for a period in 2006.
  • Winter 2006 we started competing in TWL BF2142 ladders. 5vs5, 8vs8 and 12vs12.
  • Spring 2007 we started playing the online text strategy game
  • Spring 2007 the CKA World of Warcraft Guild started.
  • August 2007 the new Clan & gaming community site is launched.
  • August 2007 CKA switches server hosts to Branzone.
  • Winter/Spring 2008 Call of Duty pubbing and match play going strong.
  • Spring 2008 CKA gets into the web based strategy game ikariam. We get to 3rd place and are the vitors in a large server-wide war. CKA is still active in Ikariam.
  • Fall 2008 moved some of our servers over to
  • Fall 2008 Call of Duty world at war captivates everyone, but dies off during the winter.
  • April 2009 BF2 revival starts, we get a new 32 player ranked server.


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