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   BF4:  vs. ReZDec 14th 20:309 : 16 » details [0 ]
   BF4:  vs. V2Dec 5th 22:001 : 11 » details [0 ]
   BF4:  vs. ReZNov 30th 20:30162 : 66 » details [0 ]
   BF4:  vs. ReZNov 23rd 20:000 : 1 » details [0 ]

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Big Changes to Rust Building, Dec 2017  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Wed Dec 06 (973 reads)
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TS is Down  [Clan News]
Posted by Carrot72 on Mon Oct 23 (57 reads)
TS server is offline for some reason

please use the Discord backup server
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CKA Rust Base Archive  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Sat Sep 10 (1394 reads)
I was cleaning junk off one of my drives and found some video of CKA Rust base builds from this winter.

Would be cool if others have footage of other bases we've built
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Battlefield 4 Community Operations is Rolling Out Now  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Tue Oct 27 (422 reads)

Itís time to harvest the fruits of your labor. The Community Map Project led to the creation of the Operation Outbreak map, and itís rolling out worldwide today with Battlefield 4 Community Operations. Grab the free* DLC from the Origin My Games tab.

There is a BF4 patch, but you also need to goto the BF4 origin store page and buy/download the Community Operations add-on.

Add-on download size is 2.45 GB
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Recruiting and Webpage  [Clan News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Wed Jul 08 (2509 reads)
Note that we will be having a recruiting drive in the near future.

I (Newfie) will be assuming the role of recruiting officer once again. This means any new recruits should pass my way.

Meetings involving admin and all members will be held soon, as we have undergone many changes in the last few years.

Until then please in-courage any new recruits to join under the normal web page application.

And fill in
"" Referal (Username) "" for the prize !

Any new recruiting from this point will be recorded and at the end of each quarter I will be offering a prize for the top recruiter.

Customized CKA shirt !!!

Stay tuned for upcoming meetings and events.
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SQUAD  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Mon Apr 06 (7959 reads)
[youtube width=640 height=400:5e96d12b47][/youtube:5e96d12b47]

"Squad is a 100-player military shooter from a melting pot of people who worked on Project Reality, a popular Battlefield 2 mod that made the game significantly more realistic. Without getting too long-winded about it, I will say Project Reality is the most fun I've ever had lying in a ditch wetting myself at the prospect of an artillery barrage for 45 minutes. It requires hella tactical planning and isn't always fast-paced, but it's provided me with some experiences no other game has. Think a midpoint between Battlefield's sometimes over-the-top ridiculousness and Arma's "sir, yes sir!" devotion to even the creaky dregs, the ugliest latrines of the battlefield, and you're on the right track.

So Squad. It's Project Reality, but a) standalone, b) developed from the ground up as its own thing, and c) really dang pretty. Here's what the dev team is going for:"
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BF4 Scrims  [Clan News]
Posted by NewfieBullet on Thu Feb 19 (2133 reads)
It has been a while since we have got together and played a few good rounds.

I have a couple clans that are willing to do a scrim every now and then.

Have a bf4 server up now and will password for scrims.

I will be posting a spot in the calender once a week and try hosting a 5v5 / 10v0 depending on the interest.

Thinking Saturday or Sunday would be cool for most.

Let me know if you are interested !!
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Battlefield Hardline Beta Feb 3rd  [Game News]
Posted by Canadaka on Mon Feb 02 (3184 reads)
The FREE Battlefield Harline Beta starts Feb 3rd.
Login to Origin, goto the store and download the Beta!
Hardline Beta Blog Post

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New CKA Teamspeak Server for 2015  [Clan News]
Posted by Canadaka on Wed Jan 21 (3050 reads)
Its long overdue to do a reinstall of our Teamspeak server, their was a whole bunch of issues. I've wanted to do this for 2 years, but didn't want the hassel of re-registering all users, channels, permissions. But its time.

I did a bunch of shopping around and decided to switch hosts while were at it. Clanwarz has an amazing web control panel for TS, Canadian servers and great support. Their TS service also comes with a customizable Bot.

Client Connect: ->
Port: 1171
Pass: ckats

I've setup the basic channels and permission groups. Login to the new server to get registered and setup other games channels.

The current/old TS will stay up for awhile to direct people to the new Teamspeak, tonight I will clear out all the channels.
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MY TWITCH STREAM!!!  [Clan News]
Posted by jonnykronik on Tue Jan 20 (3999 reads)
Hey guys in case u all dont know i AM trying to become a succesful streamer on twitch been goin hard now for 6 days. Im not askin u guys to watch me or nothin jus maybe pull my stream up mute and minimize anything to get the VIEWERS up cuz thats what attracts the real viewers and if u can plz hit that follow button guys. Heres the link Thanks guys for the support!
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